Australian Fire Fundraiser

Help Us, Help Others

We have been watching as Australia has been battling unprecedented fires across its beautiful country as about 12.35 million acres have been burnt to date since this fire season began in late July.

This hits home for us as John our owner at JM Fry Furniture Design is Australian. He was born in Melbourne but used to live and work at his family's resort LifeTime Private Retreats near Middle River on Kangaroo Island (KI). Approximately December 20th fires began on KI from dry lighting strikes. Last Friday Jan 3rd (in Canada) we heard that the winds changed on Kanagaroo Island and that the island was truly on fire (seen in the event photo). Emergency Warning (red) and Watch and act (yellow) covered the whole of KI and evacuation orders were made across the island. The fires are still burning there but after three catastrophic day "56 homes (were) destroyed, major damage to 10 buildings, minor damage to 18 buildings and 236 outbuildings damaged", many farms and businesses were destroyed and damaged, an unknown number of wildlife including kangaroos, rare koalas, rare ligurian bees, endangered dunnarts and rare glossy black cockatoos were lost in the thousands along with their habitat as about 160,000 hectares of land was burnt in the Ravine fire", and worst of all 2 lives were lost; RIP Dick Lang and his son Clayton Lang. Remarkably all 6 luxury homes on John's family's resort survived a fire that came through around Christmas and also survived this second fire despite being in the thick of it on the north side of island in the "burnt" zone.

From afar it is hard to do anything to help so we created a facebook event page to create awareness, to share news and most of all to help share ways that you can contribute directly with as little fees as possible to the efforts to rebuild this beautiful island and Australia.

Over the next couple month or so during the worst of the fire season we will share news, updates and stories while introducing events and ways to raise money to help rebuild. Please follow this online event and please consider helping to revive this island amidst such loss and tragedy.

Please visit our event page on facebook to see posts and updates that shows what has happened and how you can help.

Here are some ways to donate to Kangaroo Island (KI). Details can be seen in discussion posts tab. We will update this list as well.

1. Donate to the KI Mayoral Relief and Recovery Bushfire Fund.
2. Donate to the CFS - Volunteer Firefighters
3. Donate to the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Network or the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park (see event page)
4. Donate to those who have lost their houses (TBA)
5. Donate to the KI Western Districts Sports Club (TBA)
6. Donate in store at JM Fry Furniture Design / RAD Studio + Eco Store at 264 King Street West Chatham, Ontario - funds will be distributed between those in need above
7. Buy products from Kangaroo Island -
8. Book a trip and visit Kangaroo Island - the island is now open to visitors again and cruise ships are back as well. #bookthemout

Your help means so much to us and to the island we love so much. Please send us a message if you have donated so that we can add the amount to our total. Thank you so much.

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